St. Paul Park Mangrove Trimming


Charlotte County, FL

Mangrove Trimming 

EarthBalance was contracted to provide mangrove trimming maintenance and mangrove alteration. The mangrove trimming services were in accordance with permits and consisted of trimming new mangroves from 5 fishing access areas. Hedge trimming consisted of trimming mangrove trees so that no more than 25% of foliage was removed. Window trimming consisted of undercutting the lower limbs of the mangrove.

Nuisance and exotic vegetation, such as Brazilian pepper, was removed. Native vegetation, such as buttonwoods, was trimmed but not removed. All trash and vegetative debris was collected and trimmed to a self-contained upland disposal area with no stock piling or debris within the mangrove fringe. 

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Project Location

Charlotte County, FL

Project Manager

James Laroque

Contract Amount


Project Owner

Charlotte County

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