Port Everglades Wetlands Mangrove Mitigation


Broward County, FL


EarthBalance cultivated and installed more than 70,000 mangroves and wetland plants as part of the Port Everglades Southport Turning Notch expansion project. More than 17 acres of submerged and mangrove habitat, along with associated transitional buffers, was successfully created as compensation for an 8.7-acre mangrove conservation easement. Upon receipt of “Notification of Trending Towards Success” from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), the conservation easement was released. The released acres will be excavated and the turning notch will be expanded as part of a $370,000,000 project that will add up to five new cargo ship berths. 

EarthBalance is also providing maintenance of the created mangrove wetlands and transitional buffer areas in the past. 

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Project Location

Broward County, FL

Project Manager

Erik Sandsmark

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Project Owner

Broward County, Port Everglades

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