Mitigation banks, their cash flows, and non-credit residual assets are often transferred between parties. Evaluation of explicit and contingent liabilities requires the expertise of professionals who have handled all aspects of mitigation bank permitting, implementation and management, credit sales, financial assurance, and long-term management. EarthBalance is unique in its experience in all aspects of mitigation banking, both as consultants and contractors and as equity participants. We can provide due diligence services to help you evaluate existing mitigation banks for the purposes you require. EarthBalance provides evaluation services for potential bank projects in Florida, throughout the Southeast U.S., and Alaska.  Currently we are evaluating two potential bank sites in Alaska.



Good management of mitigation banks is necessary to obtain timely credit release. EarthBalance is a major restoration contractor for the National Park Service, the National Wildlife Refuge System and other State and federal agencies throughout the southeast United States. The company provides a wide range of services to restore and maintain natural areas, including mitigation banks. From exotic plant control to native plant production in our sub-tropical nursery facilities, we can provide you timely and cost-effective management of your mitigation banks.  Currently we are managing or providing restoration services on eight bank sites in Florida, totaling over 4,000 acres.



Permitting a mitigation bank is more daunting than traditional real estate development. The process is more akin to negotiating a contract for services among numerous State and federal agencies than merely obtaining regulatory approval. Both as equity participants and consultant/contractors, the company provides services to create new mitigation banks across the county. We can provide valuable guidance and services to your effort to create value in mitigation banking.  Currently we are in the process of permitting banks in Florida and Alaska.


EarthBalance professionals have the expertise and experience in all aspects of mitigation bank development, including:


»» Site Selection

»» Design

»» Permitting

»» Implementation

»» Management

»» Obtaining Release Of Credits

»» Credit Sales

»» Financial assurance mechanisms and long-term management