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Mitigation banking is an incentive-based program with the potential to reduce the historically high failure rates of individual mitigation efforts by aggregating mitigation in regionally significant areas and requiring rigorous protection, along with financial assurance mechanisms. By allowing the trade of mitigation credits to compensate for unavoidable losses of wetlands, a market has been created that rewards efficient and efficacious delivery of wetland mitigation.

The Mitigation Banking Division provides all services needed to permit, implement, and operate mitigation banks, and currently operates four banks in Florida. While this division draws heavily from the other two divisions for permitting, alteration of drainage ditches and construction of new drainage ditches, installation of dikes and flood control structures, and maintenance of its mitigation banks, it develops and implements the business model for each bank enterprise, markets wetland mitigation credits, and participates with government regulators and industry groups on rules and policies that affect the demand for credits. 

For credit availability and pricing, please contact Wade Waltimyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Active Mitigation Banks

Peace River Mitigation Bank

Boran Ranch Mitigation Bank

Myakka Mitigation Bank