Our native planting and seeding projects are typically shoreline/beach protection plantings, landscaped areas such as golf courses, created wetlands and stormwater ponds. We harvest from permitted sites that we maintain and we grow native plants at our nursery. These services are usually an element of beach renourishment, creation of mitigation banks, implementation of water resource development projects, or management of publicly owned recreation areas, parks, and open space.

Native upland seeding involves the use of specialized equipment for the collection, processing, and planting of native plant seed. Native seeding is cost effective for restoring native habitats on a large scale.

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 Project Examples 

Shoreline Protection

       Myrtle Beach

       Folly Beach

       Palm Beach

       Gulf Island National Seashore

Wetland Plant Harvesting and Installation

           Celery Fields Regional Stormwater Facility

           Billy Don Grant Parcel

           Polk County Mitigation

   Tampa Bay Reservoir Mitigation

Native Upland Seeding


        Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank

        Bluefield Mitigation Bank

FWC Groundcover

Golf Course Services

TPC Courses

Quail West

Coral Creek Club